Disney Destroying Main Street: From Segregation to Zootopia

Disney destroying Main Street USA due to ties to segregation

Disney has recently been making bold changes to their parks under the umbrella of progress and inclusivity. For example, retheming Peter Pan’s Flight to Up. This is due to the Native American scenes on the ride. Disney is back at it with another massive change in a bold move toward “progress”. This time, Disney is destroying Main Street USA because of its connection to segregation.

Disney destroying Main Street USA due to ties to segregation
Disney destroying Main Street USA due to ties to segregation. Photo via Michael Feeney

Disney announced plans for a significant transformation to Main Street USA at both Disney World and Disneyland. Main Street USA is a beloved symbol of nostalgia and Americana. Nothing beats eating a hot dog at Casey’s Corner or soon-to-be Waffle House. It’s the American dream. However, Main Street is set to undergo demolition, making way for a more modern representation of the Disney spirit. The decision comes as Disney is removing Main Street due to its “obvious ties to segregation”.

Background of Main Street USA

Main Street USA is an iconic staple at Disney World and Disneyland. In fact, it recreates the charm of a small American town from the early 20th century. However, the city of Marceline, Missouri, which served as its inspiration, had segregation. Disney feels that an area of their park based on a town that had segregation is highly problematic. In fact, the decision to dismantle Main Street USA reflects their commitment to acknowledge and rectify “problematic” aspects of their past.

Main Street USA inspiration in Marceline Missouri
Main Street USA inspiration in Marceline Missouri. Photo via Missouri Historical Society

We of course are also seeing this with Splash Mountain. Transforming it into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is intended to erase its history and replace it with a new ride. Of course, most guests aren’t happy with this, but Disney doesn’t care. Similarly, the demolition of Main Street USA shows their dedication to creating a more “inclusive and welcoming” environment for all visitors. 

It’s worth noting that no reasonable person would ever connect Main Street USA to segregation. However, with the current corporate culture at the top of Disney, this comes as no surprise. Nothing at Disney World and Disneyland is safe from the DEI department. In this case, one of the most iconic and well-known lands is being destroyed. This is especially sad because it’s one more piece of Walt Disney that is gone from the parks. It begs the question, what is next?

Main Street USA Rebuilt as Zootopia

According to Disney, they will rebuild this area of the park and make Main Street USA great again. The new vision for Main Street USA is based on “Zootopia”. In fact, according to Disney, this movie addresses themes of prejudice, diversity, and unity. By modeling the new Main Street after Zootopia, Disney aims to create an atmosphere that “champions equality and celebrates the beauty of a diverse society”. The new Main Street will be designed to reflect a modern and vibrant metropolis. It will embrace the captivating spirit of the beloved film.

Concept art for new Zootopia Main Street USA coming to Disney World and Disneyland
Concept art for new Zootopia Main Street USA coming to Disney World and Disneyland. Photo via Disney

This transformation is not without its challenges. Many Disney enthusiasts are nostalgic for the classic Main Street USA. They cherish the memories and experiences it holds. Disney nailed the atmosphere of Main Street with the theming and music. However, for Disney this evolution marks a significant stride towards a more “inclusive future”, reflecting their so-called evolving values.

Disney’s decision to demolish Main Street USA and rebuild it as a Zootopia-inspired city is supposed to send a powerful message to its global audience. They are showcasing their willingness to evolve and learn from the past. This is an attempt to actively shape a future that is more diverse and inclusive. As the company moves away from romanticized portrayals of history and embraces a more responsible storytelling approach, they are putting on their virtue-signaling hats and are setting an example for others in the entertainment industry.

What do you think of Disney destroying Main Street USA and replacing it with a Zootopia metropolis? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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John Williams
2 months ago

I’m done with Disney,becoming so woke- I’ll take my grandkids to Seaworld instead

John Williams
2 months ago

I’ll take my grandkids to Seaworld instead- if Disney wants to become so woke I’m not interested in going

2 months ago

DISNEY is a privately owned company, they can make their own choices for their Company. MOST PEOPLE DONT LIKE CHANGE. Some didnt like the change when Disney came to FL and was built here. Then, in time, now they cant live without it. I Love everything Disney does and can feel 2 feelings at the same time by missing Main Street and excited for something new to experience. Being supportive of inclusiveness and respecting the feelings of those hurt by the lack of it, is the way to go!

I support Disneys choice as a private business in a Democratic Country that takes everyone, without exceptions, into consideration.

Lady Merry
Lady Merry
1 month ago
Reply to  Diane

They also have shareholders. This is a mistake. They have had several movie flops.

2 months ago

I am unsure if the comments realize that this is a parody