Disney Removing All Genders From Their Bathrooms

Anyone can use any bathroom at Disney World

Disney World is becoming less and less of a place for families. First, the announced that men can be Disney Princesses, which we reported on here. Then, Disney announced Furry Days, which you can read up on here. Clearly, Disney is starting to get away from their core consumer of families with kids. Well, Disney is moving further away from being welcoming to families with the announcement that they are removing all genders from their bathrooms.

Disney removing all genders from their bathrooms
Disney removing all genders from their bathrooms. Original photo via blogmickey.com

Another more recent development for Disney World that shows them moving away from children as a core consumer was the announcement of Adult Only Days. People find it baffling that Disney is making so many decisions that spit in the faces of its core consumers. However, they are putting a progressive agenda over business even if it’s financially not working for them.

Disney World Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Disney bathrooms are quite marvelous. The design and aesthetics are truly unique and make the bathroom experience magical. In fact, if you want an extra magical bathroom experience, here is more information on their VIPee bathroom experience. Despite the bathrooms being magical at Disney World, they just found a way to make it unmagical in the worst possible way.

Genderless bathrooms are coming to Disney World
Genderless bathrooms are coming to Disney World

Disney is removing all genders from their bathrooms to “fix systemic gender gaps associated with bathrooms.” Essentially, Disney recognizes that the lines for the women’s bathrooms are on average always longer than men’s. By allowing anyone to use any bathroom, they hope to make bathrooms more fair for women. Essentially this is an effort to dismantle the patriarchy of bathrooms. What this means is men and women will be able to use the same bathrooms at Disney World.

According to the mouse, opening up all bathrooms to everyone allows the lines to move faster for women. Due to the law of averages, men may have to wait slightly longer now to use the bathroom, but they claim that this will be more fair for everyone. On top of that, Disney knows that the less time people are in lines, they more time they are spending money. This applies to bathroom lines as well. In fact, the average person spends nearly 30 minutes waiting for bathrooms in one day at Disney World according to a recent study. Time is money.

The Disney Bathroom Controversy

Disney removing all genders from their bathrooms is proving to be highly controversial. Most parents are extremely upset with Disney over this decision. They claim that this makes bathrooms an unsafe space for their kids. Many other adults expressed similar concerns for themselves claiming they don’t want to use the same bathroom as someone from the opposite gender. This is often cited as a concern with gender neutral bathrooms.

Disney announcing gender neutral bathrooms at their parks
Disney announcing gender neutral bathrooms at their parks

Many people are afraid that the bathrooms at Disney will become an unsafe place for women and kids because of this new rule. However, this is nothing new. There have been plenty of debates around the country in the last year over who can use what bathroom. Certain states are allowing people to use whichever bathroom they want, which is making others feel very uncomfortable.

We reached out to a top logistics engineer to understand if Disney’s logic tracks. They did confirm that on average women wait longer than men to use the restrooms. However, a decision to remove genders from all their bathrooms comes with serious social and political ramifications. In fact, the last time Disney tried a stunt like this, Governor Desantis called in the National Guard to block the Disney World Entrances. Disney is playing with fire and losing right now. Let’s see if they lose again.

What do you think of Disney removing genders from all of their bathrooms? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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