Disney Requiring Guests to Wear Pronoun Pins

All Disney guests required to wear the new pronoun pin

What is the worst thing that can happen to someone at Disney World? Losing your hands on Space Mountain is up there. Also, your kid floating away while holding Mickey Balloons. However, there is one thing that puts those to shame and that is being misgendered. Because of this, Disney is now requiring all guests to wear pronoun pins, which will tell employees and other guests their preferred pronouns.

All Disney guests required to wear the new pronoun pin
All Disney guests required to wear the new pronoun pin

Disney has become a place of inclusivity for everyone. From the announcement of Furry Days to drag days, and even Disney replacing the American Flag with the pride flag. They are trying to make it an inclusive place for everyone. However, in 2023 there are certain crimes that are worse than murder, one of those is misgendering someone, which is the inspiration for the Disney pronoun pin requirement.

What Are Disney Pronoun Pins?

Last year, Disney Cast Members started referring to guests as ‘friends” as well as other ‘gender-neutral’ terms. For example, this is to prevent a cast member from accidentally calling a bearded lady sir. The other notable change is Disney removed “ladies and gentlemen” to “dreamers of all ages” before their fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom. This is of course because of the exponential increase in people who don’t identify as men or women.

Disney pronoun pins are part of Disney's inclusion key
Disney pronoun pins are part of Disney’s inclusion key. Photo via Disney

A lot of this is because Disney introduced a fifth key in 2021, which was inclusion. The five keys are critical to their business and inclusion is the newest one, alongside safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency. Now, Disney is requiring all guests to partake in the inclusivity key with the announcement that all guests at Disney World need to wear a pronoun pin around the park to show their preferred pronouns.

The Disney pronoun pins will actually be buttons, but pronoun button just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Upon entry to the park, Disney will give you a button where you can write your preferred pronouns on it with a Sharpie. The buttons will be Disney branded and look similar to their other buttons, like the Happy Birthday ones for example. Since guests can write their own pronouns, you can put whatever pronouns you want. Maybe you use he/him/his, but you could also write xe/xem/xyr or clown/clownself for example.

Wear the Pronoun Pin, Kramer

As noted above, all guests will be REQUIRED to wear a pronoun pin inside the park. This is to prevent Disney from ending up in a lawsuit for misgendering a guest since it’s considered a hate crime. However, many people are outraged by Disney’s decision to force everyone to wear a pronoun pin in their parks. In fact, if a guest is caught not wearing their pronoun pin, they will be asked to put it on. If they don’t comply, they may be removed from the park and potentially receive a lifetime ban from Disney.

Disney will force you to wear your pronoun pin like Kramer and the AIDS ribbon
Disney will force you to wear your pronoun pin like Kramer and the AIDS ribbon. Photo via Seinfeld

The outrage comes from people who don’t feel the need to tell the world their pronouns. Whether it’s at Disney World or in their Twitter bio. In fact, one guest said, “I look like a man, I sound like a man, so it’s safe to assume that I am a man. I don’t need a button to tell people that.” However, there are many proponents of this new pronoun pin requirement, suggesting that it’s a good thing for everyone.

Those who support Disney’s pronoun pin requirement suggest that it makes Disney far more inclusive. First off, they don’t have to be afraid of being misgendered anymore, which is a big relief. Second, forcing everyone to wear a pronoun pin makes people feel less alienated and fit in more. This is much like how “allies” put their pronouns in their email or Twitter bio. Despite the huge controversy, Disney is going to make you wear a pronoun pin Kramer, and you will like it.

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9 months ago

This is an absolute lie. Really, no one will be required to wear a pin or designate their gender.