Drag Day Coming to Magic Kingdom During Pride Month

Controversial drag day coming to Magic Kingdom

There is no denying that it’s pride month at Disney World. From the rainbow wall to the special desserts to the pride flags replacing the American Flags. The rainbow and pride continue to take over the family-friendly atmosphere of Disney. Disney is taking it one step further with the announcement of Drag Day, coming to the Magic Kingdom as part of the June pride month celebrations.

Controversial drag day coming to Magic Kingdom
Controversial drag day coming to Magic Kingdom. Photo via punchlinephilly.com

This isn’t the first special day set during pride month. In fact, we recently reported here on Furry Day. This is a day when people can dress as furries and visit the Magic Kingdom. Drag day will be similar, where it is a day focused on the drag queen movement, taking place inside the Magic Kingdom. But like everything else, this is proving to be very controversial.

Magic Kingdom Drag Day in June

Drag Day at the Magic Kingdom is a way to celebrate drag queens and the pride they have. During this celebration, Disney will flood the parks with drag queens. They will have drag queen photo shoots with some of the most famous drag queens. They will also have a drag queen performance on Cinderella Castle stage. However, it won’t be as good as the Taylor Swift concert we reported on here, coming to that stage.

Disney's effort to be inclusive involves men as princesses
First men as Disney princesses, now Drag Day. Photo via justin43 Buzzfeed.com

The performance will be kicked off by Rupaul opening the Magic Kingdom that day. This has drag fans excited. According to official statements, “Drag Day is a day to celebrate drag and the pride people have for it. We want to showcase to the world what drag is and that it belongs everywhere, even in schools. We will even have RuPaul as a guest star for the event.” 

Disney will also have drag queens dressed as Disney princesses. This is similar to the announcement here that men can now be Disney princesses. That was certainly controversial. We can only imagine how controversial it is that men will be doing the same thing, but dressed in drag. Only time will tell if people react positively to Cinder-fella or not.

Controversy Behind Drag and Disney

Drag “culture” continues to be controversial in American culture. In fact, it’s especially in the spotlight because of pride month. Drag is heavily celebrated during pride month. Because of that, there have been many pride parades featuring drag queens. Disney is getting in on the drag queen action by hosting a drag day in their parks during their June pride month celebrations. However, this is very controversial and has many parents furious.

Drag day at Disney World is a very controversial event
Drag Day at Disney World is a very controversial event. Photo by Martin Pope/Getty Images

Most people we reached out to were appalled that Disney would celebrate drag queens in a family park like Disney World. They expressed strongly that they don’t want their kids to be exposed to drag in a place that is meant for families, given the oftentimes inappropriate nature of drag shows, especially for children. However, there were also supporters of this.

Those who support this mentioned they are so glad drag queens are finally getting a spotlight at Disney World. In fact, they are disappointed it took Disney this long to have a Drag Day. Only time will tell if Disney’s drag day will succeed. Based on initial reactions, it seems more people are against it than for it, but oftentimes those who shout the loudest win.

What do you think of Disney’s controversial drag day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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5 months ago

Very much do NOT support, this should not be at Disney world.