Disney World Requiring All Guests to Wear Diapers

Disney World now requiring all guests to wear diapers

Over the past few months, Disney World has proposed some interesting policies. From allowing anyone to drink, regardless of age to requiring guest uniforms. There is a compelling case for both of those decisions. That holds true for the most recent announcement that Disney World will require all guests to wear diapers in their theme parks.

Disney World now requiring all guests to wear diapers
Disney World now requires all guests to wear diapers

The announcement that all guests will be required to wear uniforms had a ton of people upset. Not only is it more expensive, but also less comfortable. This is especially true in the Florida heat. Disney World is having another huge issue that requires a unique solution. An increase in people going to the bathroom in lines is now forcing all guests to wear diapers at Disney World.

Going to The Bathroom in Disney Lines

You may have seen the article here that talks about how people are pooping in Disney lines. This spawned a huge discussion on Reddit with one user writing “Bodily fluids no longer bother me after working at Disney. Let’s just say that the attraction I work at has what the cast ended up dubbing ‘the poop hall’ because of the number of times guests have gone in there and pooped. We even put up a camera and it didn’t stop it.”

Disney adults can buy Disney diapers to wear in the parks
Disney adults can buy Disney diapers to wear in the parks

What the article fails to mention is how common this is. While the Reddit user alludes to it, according to an internal source, on average, custodians clean up poop and/or pee 30 times per day at Disney World. That means 11,000 people are going to the bathroom in Disney World lines each year. According to our source, this number continues to rise each year, but why?

The reason so many people are now going to the bathroom in line primarily comes down to longer lines. The lines at Disney get longer each year. Because of this, more people get stuck in line and need to go to the bathroom. Disney World is too expensive to skip the rides, so instead people go to the bathroom in line. 

Disney World Requiring Diapers

To solve this massive increase in people going to the bathroom in Disney lines, Disney is requiring all guests to wear diapers. By all guests, we mean babies to grandparents and everyone in between. That’s right, if you are 30 years old, you will need to wear a diaper just like your one-year-old or your grandparents.

Disney adding diaper vending machines around their parks
Disney adding diaper vending machines around their parks

In fact, Disney World will have a diaper check before you get in line. Everyone will need to show their diaper to the Cast Members at the entrance to a line longer than 10 minutes. This keeps people honest and shows that they actually have the diaper on. If you aren’t wearing one, Disney will have diaper vending machines throughout the park. You can purchase a variety of Disney-themed Diapers for only $5 per diaper. 

Obviously, it will be more expensive to buy a Disney diaper in the park than to wear your own. Many experts are suggesting you show up to Disney World in a diaper and carry extras in your bag so you don’t need to buy them. They hope that removing all lines from Disney World, which we reported on here, will help prevent this in the future. However, for now, all guests will need to wear diapers in order to ride Disney rides.

What do you think of Disney World requiring all guests to wear diapers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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