Taylor Swift Concert Coming to Magic Kingdom

Taylor Swift Disney World Concert

Nothing has been more difficult than trying to snag tickets to a Taylor Swift concert. With each ticket release for upcoming Taylor Swift concerts, there has been nothing but issues and complaints. It has gotten so bad, there are even lawsuits being filed against Ticketmaster and Live Nation for violating antitrust laws. Good news is if you missed out on Taylor Swift tickets, there will be another opportunity to purchase them.

Get taylor swift tickets for concert at disney's magic kingdom castle concerts
Taylor Swift coming to Magic Kingdom for Castle Concert event

Taylor Swift will be performing a concert at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in April 2023. This is a part of the Castle Concerts series, which we reported on a few weeks ago here. The concert will take place after the Magic Kingdom closes and will be a special ticketed event. It will only be $145 per person for the event and will have free food and drinks, including alcohol. This is a crazy good deal, especially for Disney.

The concert will be a part of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, which has thus far been extremely controversial regarding ticket sales. However, with this concert being part of Disney’s Castle Concerts, the ticket sales will be handled by Disney. There will be no antitrust issues with Live Nation and Ticketmaster.

This does not mean the tickets will be easy to come by. Most Disney after hour events sell out in a matter of days. We are expecting this event to sell out in seconds. You can’t get a Taylor Swift ticket for other concerts anywhere near $145, not to mention the free food and drinks and access to Disney rides before the concert for a few hours!

Disney Castle Concerts Taylor Swift
Castle Concerts will include Taylor Swift as one of the artists!

There are a few downsides with the concert being at Disney though. Once you buy a ticket, it is nonrefundable and cannot be exchanged. It also cannot be sold. Tickets bought go straight to the account of the person who bought it. This means if you see someone trying to sell Taylor Swift Disney World concert tickets, it is a scam and you shouldn’t buy them!

It begs the question why Disney would sell tickets for an event of such magnitude for so cheap. After all, the tickets for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party range from $149-199 per night and that is just a few hours of rides and some snacks. It doesn’t compare to a Taylor Swift concert and free food and drinks at Disney World. According to an internal source, Disney sees this as a huge PR opportunity and is less concerned about the actual profit of the event.

Taylor Swift will perform at Disney World for castle concerts
More details from Disney’s website on Castle Concerts

According to our source, Disney is banking on a huge amount of coverage around their Taylor Swift concert as well as the rest of the castle concerts. The value of that coverage outweighs the cost to put on the event, which is why Disney is offering tickets at such a low price. They also know people can’t resell them, which means everyone who buys tickets actually intends on going versus people buying tickets to make a quick buck.

If you have a Swiftie in your family or just want to enjoy free drinks and food at Disney World, which rarely happens, this is the event for you. The exact release date of tickets is still to be determined, however, we expect the tickets to sell out in a matter of seconds. We estimate there will only be 1000-2000 tickets total for sale, so if you are lucky enough to buy tickets, do it!

Taylor swift loves disneyland and will be performing at disney world in 2023
Taylor Swift is known for loving Disney, as pictured at Disneyland. Photo via WREG.com

What do you think of Taylor Swift coming to Magic Kingdom for a concert? Are you going to try and get your hands on a set of tickets? Let us know in the comments below!

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Is there an update on this? Where do you buy tickets?