Dwarfs Removed From Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Disney cancels the dwarfs on Seven Dwarfs mine train

Disney finds itself under fire, no matter what decision they make. Fans and critics will support or go against any decision made. We recently saw this here with Disney casting Jada Pinkett Smith for Rapunzel in the new live-action Tangled. Many people were outraged by this decision, while others think it was absolutely the right thing to do. However, Disney finds itself in this controversy again with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In fact, it’s so bad, Disney is removing the dwarves from Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which will promptly be renamed.

Disney cancels the dwarfs on Seven Dwarfs mine train
Disney cancels the dwarfs on Seven Dwarfs Mine train. Original photo via Matt Stroshane

It’s not surprising that Disney continues to find themselves in hot water. They keep making decisions that seemingly go against their core customer’s wishes and desires. For example, men can now be Disney Princesses, which we reported on here. However, they are also rewriting their past stories, which is upsetting people as well. That’s where Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs comes into play. 

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is Finished

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train opened in 2014. Back in those days, very few people got offended on other’s behalves. However, it’s 2023, and anyone will be offended by anything in our culture. That’s what is happening with Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. Disney recently had a leaked photo of the new live-action Snow White movie. Instead of seven dwarfs, Snow White now has Seven Diverse, Non-Short People, Except One. This created so much controversy and anger that Disney is “ruining” their classic films.

Disney continues to make interesting casting choices
Disney is slowly removing the dwarfs from existence. Photo via TMZ

It was this photo leak that put the nail in the coffin for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It is worth noting that Disney had an Encanto retheme planned for this ride, which we reported on here. However, there are no updates on that project at the moment. Despite that project in the wings, Disney sees the need to make immediate changes to the current Seven Dwarfs ride by removing the seven dwarfs from the ride. 

Why is Disney removing the dwarfs from the ride? It comes down to the controversy from the live-action Snow White. Disney deemed it offensive to have dwarfs in a movie, even if it’s core to the story. However, there was a ton of backlash, but also a ton of support. Disney had two options. Either they could change the dwarfs on the ride to be more “inclusive” or remove them altogether. They chose the latter as an attempt to appease everyone, but it likely won’t.

Snow White’s Mine Train – The New Name

Disney is renaming Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to Snow White’s Mine Train. They will remove all dwarf animatronics from the ride. The mine will certainly look empty without the dwarfs, however, Disney will add a Snow White animatronic in there so it doesn’t feel empty. Luckily, Disney will still play Heigh-Ho in the mine scene, however, it will certainly feel lifeless without the impressive dwarf animatronics in there.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train closing to remove dwarfs and be renamed Snow White's Mine Train
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train closing to remove dwarfs and will be renamed Snow White’s Mine Train

The final scene where Snow White is dancing with the dwarfs will also receive an update. Snow White instead will dance with her animal friends in the cottage. Again, this scene will feel very empty without the dwarfs dancing with Snow White, however, it’s a risk that Disney is willing to make. This all comes in the context of inclusivity. We also are seeing Disney change Peter Pan’s Flight to Up Spirit of Adventure, due to the Native American scene, which we reported on here.

Despite Disney’s best efforts to be inclusive and remove harmful stereotypes, people are having none of this change. Many folks are angry at Disney for again changing a beloved story and ride for the sake of being progressive. However, there are still proponents who say it’s necessary to make these changes are disappointed that Disney even opened the ride with dwarfs in the first place.

What do you think of Disney removing the Seven Dwarfs from Seven Dwarfs Mine Train? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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1 month ago

Hey Disney, let us enjoy our favorite attractions as they are, your focus should be on providing a great guest experience on par with the prices you’re charging. Adding new attractions that are based on the current cultural norms is great, just stop altering the classics

Mentally Functional
Mentally Functional
1 month ago

How is it inclusive to take employment opportunities away from dwarves? Especially a job that is defined by the individual being what they are. This is completely absurd and would be like giving a robot the job of being a human in a post-apocalyptic movie about the last human. Their reasoning that acknowledging dwarves exist is somehow offensive is completely stupid. Their decision to change the show to avoid using dwarves in a show that previously included them is the definition of being non-inclusive. To many people, this doesn’t matter. But surely it matters to people with dwarfism who aspire to be a movie star. Unfortunately, their voices are too few to drown the howling hordes of idiots who are delusional and make enemies just to have them so they can have someone to be offended at forever. Those of us with still-functional brain cells would like to engage in peaceful viewing of an untainted story that includes short people and feel zero shame about it. These idiots used to be killed off in droves in the constantly warring days with melee weapons. Now that things are mostly peaceful and there are billions of us, they persist to make noises that are supposed to be sensible ideas, and try to erect tyranny against us.