Fly to the Moon with Disney’s New Space Program

Take a commercial flight to the moon with Disney

Space travel is top of mind right now for most Americans. This is mostly because the new Virgin Galactic just completed its first commercial rocket plane flight to the edge of space. This is truly revolutionary and groundbreaking. In the wake of this, a huge Disney announcement, which has been a secret up until now, just came out. Disney will soon offer commercial flights to the moon.

Take a commercial flight to the moon with Disney
Take a commercial flight to the moon with Disney

Do you want to travel to the edge of space? Book a ticket with the Virgin Galactic. Do you want to actually experience space and land on the moon? Book a ticket with Disney. This is yet another fascinating offer from the financially struggling Walt Disney Company. Also, it’s not their only space venture. We recently reported on the Mars theme park here that they are planning to build. We will break down what this experience looks like and the proposed cost for those who want to fly to the moon.

Fly Me To The Moon, Disney

In a shocking announcement, Disney will soon offer commercial flights to the moon. Not long ago, Disney announced flights around the world. This is a 24-day trip where you visit 9 different locations around the world including every Disney theme park. That experience only costs $115,000. This announcement broke ground when it came out. Now, Disney is looking to offer a new flying experience, this time, to the moon.

Disney is actively going after the Moon and Mars for new experiences
Disney is actively going after the Moon and Mars for new experiences

According to an internal source, Disney has been planning commercial flights to the moon for years now. However, this project was kept under tight lock. Disney didn’t want any information on this top-secret project to leak ahead of the announcement due to its magnitude. However, many are questioning its timing with the recent OceanGate accident. People are skeptical of extreme attractions at the moment because of that. We especially saw that with Disney’s announcement of the free fall water ride, which we reported on here.

Disney has assured us that their rocket to the moon will be tested and safe. They clearly have a strong track record of making safe rides. Except for the man losing his hands on Space Mountain of course. Aside from that, safety is near the top of Disney’s priorities. Also, they are partnering with SpaceX to make moon travel possible. This makes sense, as Elon Musk was rumored to buy Disney World not that long ago. So there is certainly an established relationship between these two.

Disney Flight to The Moon Cost and Details

If you want to take Disney’s flight to the moon, it will cost you. For $250,000 per person, you can fly with 4 other passengers to the moon. The complete trip will be 7 days long. This is essentially the time it takes to fly to the moon and back. Of course, when guests arrive on the moon, they will get out of the rocket for a few hours to walk around and explore. You can even recreate the moon landing and plant an American or Disney Flag on the moon. There will be two pilots on the rocket as well. They will fly the ship as well as give guests a tour of the moon.

Walk on the moon with Disney's new commercial moon flights
Walk on the moon with Disney’s new commercial moon flights

As mentioned above, people are concerned about the safety of this trip. However, Disney has assured us that the rocket will use an Xbox controller rather than a Logitech controller. The pilots will also be well-trained with years of space travel experience. Also, guests will be required to go to space camp for a week. This is built into the cost. This will help train them for their space travels. In fact, they are required to pass a physical and mental test in order to take the flight.

Disney is taking all necessary precautions to ensure their commercial flights to the moon are safe for everyone involved. While there is no set timing for the first commercial flight, we expect it to happen sometime in 2024-2025, likely before Disney completes any new rides in their parks. According to an internal source, the project is far along, and will hopefully be profitable for the company.

What do you think of Disney offering flights to the moon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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