Friends Reboot Coming to Disney+ With Riveting New Plot

New Friends reboot coming to Disney+

TV reboots are the newest fad. Various streaming platforms like Paramount+, Disney+, and Apple TV are producing TV and movie reboots left and right. How I Met Your Father, Home Sweet Home Alone, iCarly, and Criminal Minds, are examples of popular shows and movies that recently got reboots. Now, a Friends reboot is coming to Disney+ in 2024 and will have a plot that heavily involves Disney World.

New Friends reboot coming to Disney+
New Friends reboot coming to Disney+

Disney is not shying away from acquisitions. In fact, we recently reported here that Disney acquired Shrek. They have huge plans on making the Town of Duloc from the movie as an addition to Fantasyland. They’re also filming a Purge movie, after recently acquiring the rights to film the next movie in the series. You can read our story on that here. Acquisitions have been at the core of Disney for a lot of its history and continue to be today.

Disney is stepping into another huge acquisition with the famous late 90s, early 2000s show, Friends. Everyone knows the show and many people love it. For those not familiar, Friends follows the lives of six young men and women that live in the same apartment complex in the Manhattan borough of New York City. It gained massive popularity in the years it aired and continues to be one of the most streamed TV shows of all time.

Friends reboot owned by disney and coming to Disney+
Friends will move from New York to Orlando. Photo via NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

However, with Disney’s acquisition of Friends comes some big changes to the show. While full details of the plot aren’t yet known, we do have some initial insight into what the show will look like. Fans of the show Friends may not like it, however, we expect Disney fans to be thrilled with the new execution of the show and the changes that Disney makes to better cater to their audience.

What Will the 2024 Friends Reboot be Like?

The Friends reboot will no longer take place in New York. According to the new plot, the friends all retire early and move down south. Although still young, they join a retirement community where they play most of the day and are up to their normal antics. Their newfound retirement community is located in none other than Orlando, Florida. A big part of the reboot will include various scenes and skits that take place inside and around Disney World.

With the friends moving down to central Florida, Disney decided to make them Disney World annual Passholders for the sake of the show. Many episodes and plots will be filmed inside Disney World parks, resorts, and on property. While Disney World isn’t the primary focus of the show, there will be plenty of episodes that involve the Disney Parks. This will likely increase the viewership of Disney fans but may turn away classic Friends viewers.

Disney rebooting famous Friends TV show in 2024
Friends reboot is coming to Disney+ in 2024

This is not the first time Disney filmed a show inside their theme parks. In fact, The Middle and Modern Family both had episodes at Disney World. However, the new Friends reboot will have a heavier focus on Disney World. Because of that, it won’t just be a one-off episode in the parks. It’s worth noting that Friends almost had an episode at Disneyland, but it fell through. This time, they are doing it for real. 

The cast for the new Friends reboot will come as a shock to many. We know Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, Monica, and Joey will all return for the reboot. However, Rachel, famously played by Jennifer Aniston, will not be in the Friends reboot. This is sad for many people as she is a fan favorite in the show. It’s unclear why she is not in the show’s reboot.

Rachel will not star in Disney+ Friends reboot
Rachel will not star in Disney+ Friends reboot. Photo via Getty Images/NBCU Photo Bank

Much like any TV reboot, this may be a one-season flop, however, at the moment there are at least four seasons planned. Disney is making a big bet by acquiring the show Friends to make new episodes for Disney+. What do you think of the Friends reboot coming to Disney+? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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1 year ago

They need to keep the show the way it was. Dont update it with all this liberal, anti trump gay stuff. That is why Disney+ lost so many subscribers.

11 months ago

April fools!

11 months ago

That’s not sth to joke about man

5 months ago

Now with the loss of Mathew Perry, will there still be a reboot of friends, now with Monica a Widow with the twins from the ending seasons?