BREAKING: Disney World Removes Cinderella Castle Overnight

In breaking news, Disney World removed Cinderella Castle overnight

Anyone who has visited Disney World knows the magic of entering the Magic through the train station, turning the corner, and seeing Cinderella Castle for the first time. It’s a magical experience that people remember forever. Unfortunately, we have breaking news that Disney World permanently removed Cinderella Castle overnight.

In breaking news, Disney World removed Cinderella Castle overnight
In breaking news, Disney World removed Cinderella Castle overnight

There are stunning stories surrounding Disney right now. For example, Elsa marrying a woman in Frozen 3. Also, Mickey Mouse will no longer be the official Disney mascot. Of course, here we reported on Disney World removing all lines in their park. However, the most shocking announcement is Disney World officially removing Cinderella Castle, all in one night.

Cinderella Castle GONE at Magic Kingdom

Back in August 2022, we reported here that Cinderella Castle would be removed from Disney World. It was expected to happen after the Disney World 50th anniversary and likely before 2024. However, the 50th anniversary ended and nothing had changed. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Disney removed Cinderella Castle overnight. That’s right, last night, Cinderella Castle was in the Magic Kingdom and this morning it’s not.

Disney may replace Cinderella Castle with Spirit Halloween or Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated
People speculate that Disney may replace Cinderella Castle with Spirit Halloween or Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated

This morning at Magic Kingdom, pictures and videos came flooding in of Cinderella Castle missing. People were in shock, crying, and some were even sick at the sight of Magic Kingdom without the castle at the end of Main Street USA. This makes so many people sad because they didn’t get to take final pictures in front of the castle before it was destroyed. The saddest part is Disney did this during Christmas when the castle is the most beautiful.

Why did Disney remove Cinderella Castle? According to an internal source, this is to keep the park fresh and relevant. Of all the parks, Magic Kingdom is the most stale. Yes, Up is replacing Peter Pan’s Flight, which we reported on here. Other than that, there isn’t much new news at Magic Kingdom. Replacing Cinderella Castle may be the beginning of a brand new Magic Kingdom.

What is Replacing Cinderella Castle?

There is no official announcement on what will replace Cinderella Castle. People are speculating Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated may replace it. Others are suggesting a Spirit Halloween. However, according to an internal source, it will most likely be replaced with Elsa’s castle. This makes sense in light of Frozen 4 just being announced and the popularity of the franchise. In fact, we just saw Elsa’s Castle debut in Hong Kong. It would be just as amazing at Disney World too.

Elsa's Castle may replace Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom
Elsa’s Castle may replace Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom. Photo via Disney

There is no set timing for any new construction to happen where Cinderella Castle once was. However, it won’t be put up as fast as it was taken down. Guests are still amazed that Disney demolished Cinderella Castle in one night. For now, the stage will remain and Disney will continue to have shows there. Also, Happily Ever After will still happen, just without the castle there. This will certainly make the show less appealing given all of the projections. However, we expect Disney to have a solution. 

Until the castle is replaced, Space Mountain will become the official park icon for the Magic Kingdom. This is much like how the Tower of Terror is the icon for Hollywood Studios. Also, Expedition Everest will take over the Tree of Life as the icon for Animal Kingdom. This is because the tree has died. Right now Disney is having a park icon crisis. Cinderella Castle being destroyed is another strike in that column.

What do you think of Disney removing Cinderella Castle overnight? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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4 days ago

Maybe we all should stop going to Disney World.

Michael Sutton
Michael Sutton
3 days ago

I think it’s sad and the cruelest thing they could’ve ever did . Not all things are meant to be changed Magic Kingdom being one of them . I have a special needs child at home and that is all he cared about seeing was the Magic Kingdom . What about the kids with disabilities mentally, how do you explain . I feel Disney has enough “Capital “ to build anything they wanted new or relevant in another part of millions of acres of property it controls . This wrong and very sad .

3 days ago
Reply to  Michael Sutton

This is a satire website…

The Rat Rules
The Rat Rules
2 days ago

I say good riddance. It was a horrible eyesore and should have been condemned and demolished years ago. I can’t wait to see what it gets replaced with! Now if they would just strike a match to that roach motel called the “Grand” Floridian. What an embarrassment.