BREAKING: Source Confirms Walt Disney Brought Back to Life

BREAKING NEWS! Walt Disney is alive again
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Walt Disney’s death is one of the most controversial moments in the history of the Walt Disney Company. Although, men being allowed to play princesses in the parks is a close second as we reported here. However, the rumors about Walt Disney’s death continue to be controversial. But we can now put all rumors to rest. An internal source just confirmed that Walt Disney is alive again and talking!

BREAKING NEWS! Walt Disney is alive again
BREAKING NEWS! Walt Disney is alive again!

This breaking Disney news is extremely exciting for Disney fans to know that Walt is alive again. This is a Mouse Trap News exclusive story and we are excited to bring you all of the facts around Walt Disney being resurrected back to life. It’s so fitting this revelation comes on Easter, which we celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

How is Walt Disney Alive Again?

When Walt Disney passed away, his head was cryogenically frozen. There was always the intention to bring Walt back to life. However, at the time, the technology didn’t exist to successfully unfreeze someone’s head and bring them back to life. However, each year our technology gets more sophisticated. We are finally able to unfreeze someone and bring them back to life now. At least, with Walt Disney we are able to.

Source confirms that Walt Disney is alive again
Walt Disney is alive again. Photo via The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head

Initially we reported here that Walt Disney was supposed to return to life for D23 last year. However, according to an internal source, this was delayed. The technology was supposed to be ready to resurrect Walt, however, they ran into a few glitches. With that being said, our source was excited to let us know they successfully brought Walt back to life this morning and he was interacting with Disney executives on this Easter Sunday morning.

Our source was there when Walt had his first interaction with current CEO Bob Iger. This was apparently an amazing experience to watch two great minds work together. However, Walt was extremely disappointed to hear about some of the changes that have been made over the past bunch of years. Especially Mickey Mouse being replaced by Figment as we reported here. But, he was still excited to hear all of the successes the company is having.

Will Walt Disney Return as The CEO?

The answer is yes, Disney will return as the CEO to the Walt Disney Company soon. As we reported here, this was the plan all along. They want Walt Disney to return to the CEO seat and do what he did so well the last time he was alive. We mentioned he would become the CEO in 2024, however, according to our source, that may not happen. Resurrecting Walt Disney back to life took longer than they initially anticipated, which may push back his return as CEO to 2025.

Walt Disney will return as Disney CEO
Walt Disney is alive again and will soon return as Disney CEO

It will be interesting to see the changes that Walt makes when he does return as the new CEO for Disney. It’s expected that he will make a lot of changes and focus on the true meaning of Disney. There are a significant number of changes Disney has made over the past few years that really hurts their brand, like Genie+. We expect Walt to reevaluate opportunities like this and fix the company and get them out of the hole they are in.

We are excited Walt Disney is alive once again. The fact that we have the technology to bring someone back to life is amazing. We also can’t wait for Disney to see a $100 with his face on it as we reported here. This is truly an Amazing revelation for the Walt Disney Company, especially as a way to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary.

What do you think are some changes Walt Disney will make when he returns as CEO? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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1 year ago

I’m sooo excited Walt is back!! ❤️❤️

28 days ago
Reply to  Britt

You don’t actually believe this do you?

Lisa DeCiantis
Lisa DeCiantis
10 months ago

If Walt Disney was alive that would have been all over the news all this is is a hoax

7 days ago

vakt disney

17 hours ago

I’m so happy!! This news is actually thrilling!! Hope i get to meet him soon🙈💗
Our very own Jesus👍