Walt Disney Will be Disney CEO in 2024

Walt Disney will return as Disney CEO

Breaking news just came yesterday that Disney CEO Bob Chapek is stepping down and former Disney CEO Bob Iger will be taking his place. This was unexpected, but not unwanted. In fact we just wrote a story here about how Bob Chapek had a 0% approval rating with guests. However, it turns out, Iger will be an interim CEO for a year.

Bob iger announced that walt disney would be the new disney ceo in 2024
Bob Iger makes shocking announcement about new Disney CEO. Photo via Shutterstock

In less than 24 hours of becoming the new Disney CEO, Bob Iger has already made one of the biggest announcements in the Walt Disney company history. Iger announced today that Walt Disney would be returning as the company’s CEO in 2024! This is incredible news for so many reasons.

According to Iger, it has been in the works for Walt Disney to eventually return as CEO of the company. We recently reported here that Disney was going to reveal Walt Disney’s frozen head at D23 this year. That did not end up happening, but that doesn’t mean they won’t reveal his frozen head in the near future.

Walt Disney will take over as company ceo with Iger being an interim CEO
Walt Disney will take over as Disney CEO in 2024. Photo via The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head

As we reported in our previous article about Walt Disney’s frozen head, Disney has been working hard on bringing Walt Disney back to life over the past 10 years. They created an AI robot that will interact with his head and bring him back to life. We assumed they were doing this to use Walt as a consultant, however, Iger just informed us that they will be making Walt Disney the CEO.

Iger mentioned that the rebirth of Walt Disney is not quite ready. Their intention was to bring him out at D23 this year for Disney’s 100th anniversary celebration, however, much like Tron, the timing has been delayed. He suggested that Walt should be ready to take over the company in 2024. Iger stated that he is merely taking over as an interim CEO until Walt Disney is fully functioning and ready to become the CEO again.

Walt Disney will retrun as CEO to Disney with his head unfrozen
People are excited for Walt Disney to return as CEO. Photo via Disney

The Bob Iger transition period from Bob Chapek to Walt Disney will likely be around a year long, however, if the revival of Walt Disney takes longer than expected, Iger will remain as CEO. As Bob Iger stated, “Bringing someone back from the dead is by no means an easy thing to do, which is causing some uncertainty on timing. Once Walt is unfrozen and fully running as an AI robot, he will take over the company again for who knows how long, possibly forever.”

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