“Disney Adult” Now Legally Recognized as an Ethnicity

Disney Adult is officially recognized as an ethnicity

Interest in Disney is at an all-time high, at least it was in 2019. However, since the pandemic, things have been slower for Disney. This is of course due to bad movies and a lack of innovation in the Disney theme parks. However, there is no decline in Disney Adults. In fact, the Disney Adult population continues to grow each year, which is why it is now legally recognized as an ethnicity by the US government.

Disney Adult is officially recognized as an ethnicity
Disney Adult is officially recognized as an ethnicity

It’s amazing how fast the Disney Adult community continues to grow. In fact, Disney Adults are becoming so popular that Disney is starting to adjust many of their marketing tactics. For example, Adult Only Days coming to Disney World and then Disney allowing smoking on rides are both tactics to appeal to Disney Adults. This segment of the population is so large, it’s now legally considered an ethnicity.

The Rise of Disney Adults

In order to understand how Disney Adults became officially recognized as an ethnicity, we have to understand the rise of Disney Adults. The concept of a Disney Adult has been around for a long time. Adults have always had an affinity for Disney. Initially, it was a company that created movies and experiences that their family could enjoy together. The adults enjoyed it as much as the kids. However, in the past 10 years, Disney Adults have become a new breed.

There is a rise in Disney Adults, which leads to things like Adult Only Days
There is a rise in Disney Adults, which leads to things like Adult Only Days

The rise in Disney Adults goes hand in hand with the rise in Kidults and nostalgia. Adults these days are all about reliving their childhood experiences. This is why you see millennials stay at home alone and watch Disney movies on a Friday night instead of hanging out with friends or having a family. It’s a wild shift in the behavior of adults from 20 years ago. Nostalgia is driving so many aspects of life for adults, especially Disney Adults.

The internet has also allowed Disney Adults to flourish. It’s opened the door to those who love Disney to tell the world they love Disney. Social media is full of Disney Adults showing off their love for the mouse. In fact, on TikTok, #disneyadult has 2.6 billion views. This just highlights how big the community is and how social media is helping to drive the Disney obsession for adults.

Disney Adult Becomes an Ethnicity

How did Disney Adults become an official ethnicity, recognized by the US Government? Well, according to Dictionary.com, the definition of ethnicity is, “a social group that shares a common and distinctive culture, religion, language.” This is how Disney Adults became an official ethnicity. Disney Adults share a common and distinctive culture, which is Disney. 

Disney Adult is now considered an official ethnicity
Disney Adult is now considered an official ethnicity

It sounds weird to call Disney a culture, but it truly is. Those who know Disney Adults know this is true. They have Disney stuff all over their walls and in their closets. In terms of Religion, we know Disney is opening the Mickey Mouse Worship Center, where you can worship the Disney company. In terms of language, Disney Adults have a language. For example, if we said, “We will rope drop 7DMT, then use our lightning at Tron. After that, we can go to BTMR.” Only Disney Adults understand this.

Of course, there are other elements of culture that Disney Adults also share. This is in the form of food, art, family life, and more. All Disney Adults like Disney food, have Disney art on their walls and take their kids to Disney if they have them or take solo trips. In fact, Disney Adults are one of the most similar ethnic groups of all. All of these traits combined gave the US Government enough to consider them an ethnic group. This means when filling out government forms, you will soon be able to check “Disney Adult” as your ethnicity.

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