First Euthanasia Roller Coaster May Be Coming to Disney

Disney may be home to first euthanasia roller coaster
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Disney is home to some of the most unique and exciting roller coasters in the world. One example is Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, despite the retheme to High School Musical as we reported here. Also, Space Mountain which was the first ever roller coaster completely controlled by a computer. Just don’t lose your hands on that ride as we reported here. However, Disney may soon be home to the first euthanasia roller coaster.

Disney continues to push the envelope with innovation. This time, a roller coaster that kills people
Disney continues to push the envelope with innovation. This time, a roller coaster that kills people. Photo via RocketJump YouTube

Disney continues to work on advanced technology and insane guest experiences. For example, the roller coaster patent that jumps track as we reported here. Also, the mind controlling patent they filed for. However, news about Disney World making the first euthanasia roller coaster might be the craziest Disney news of the decade. Crazier than Walt Disney returning to life as we reported here.

What is a Euthanasia Roller Coaster?

A euthanasia roller coaster is exactly as it sounds. It’s a roller coaster meant to euthanize someone. That’s right, it’s actually a roller coaster that is made to kill the riders. It’s ironic because Disney builds rides with safety as a top priority. They are held to the highest standards in ride safety, yet they are looking at building a roller coaster that is designed to kill people. This would be by far the scariest roller coaster ride ever.

Disney may be home to first euthanasia roller coaster
Disney may be home to the first euthanasia roller coaster

The euthanasia roller coaster is meant to “peacefully” kill people, in a fun and exciting way. Julijonas Urbonas was the originator of this roller coaster concept. Essentially, it’s a 510-foot tall roller coaster. The drop speed is 223 miles per hour. The roller coaster then goes through multiple loops that get smaller as you go. The speed and design of the coaster cause riders to lose consciousness. Eventually, they pass away from the lack of oxygen going to their brains.

This is an extremely controversial idea for a roller coaster. There are a lot of questions on the moral ethics of a ride like this and even the legality. However, that isn’t stopping Disney from considering adding this as an attraction to Disney World. This begs the question, why does Disney want to build a ride that kills their guests?

Is Disney Building a Euthanasia Roller Coaster?

Disney isn’t building a euthanasia roller coaster yet. However, they are considering adding one to Disney World property. According to an internal source, the ride would not be near any of their theme parks, but rather near the former Disney World Speedway. That is the site of the new Mickey Mouse Worship Center and the cemetery where guests can be buried. It makes sense the euthanasia roller coaster would be near the “Disney church” and “Disney cemetery”.

Disney may build euthanasia roller coaster that will kill riders
Disney may build a euthanasia roller coaster that will kill riders. Photo via Disney

According to our source familiar with this project, Disney wants to give their guests a way to die peacefully on property. In fact, this is a request from a lot of Disney guests. The intention would be to only allow people who are terminally ill to ride the euthanasia roller coaster. Disney would only allow people with a doctor’s note to ride it. Again, there are a lot of legal and ethical questions that would need to be explored first before this is built.

If Disney builds a euthanasia roller coaster, it will likely be Coco themed. This just makes sense as Coco is all about the afterlife. We even see this with Disney adding a Coco scene to the Haunted Mansion. As guests ride the euthanasia roller coaster, they would be treated to the song “Remember Me” from the movie. Also, their family members would get to enjoy the song too as they watch you take your final ride.

Would you ride a euthanasia roller coaster at Disney World? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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