Disney Officially Cancels the Live-Action Snow White Movie

Disney officially cancels the new live-action Snow White

When you think of Disney, who do you think is their core consumer? Some might say the Disney adults that wear Disney shirts all the time and it becomes their entire personality. However, others recognize that it’s actually families with kids, typically in the 6-14 range. In fact, Disney knows this is their core consumer, but continues to spit in their face. Luckily, they are taking a step in the right direction by canceling the new live-action Snow White Movie.

Disney officially cancels the new live-action Snow White
Disney officially cancels the new live-action Snow White. Photos via Splash News and Disney

Does Disney like to lose money? It seems like they do based on their continuing trend of insulting their core consumers. We are seeing this with drag days at Disney World, men can now be Disney Princesses, and of course, forcing all guests to wear pronoun pins. Disney is sacrificing profit for the appearance of being progressive. However, it’s hurting the company and they are finally walking back one of their biggest announcements ever.

Snow White Live-Action Controversy

In order to understand why it was just announced that Disney’s 2024 live-action Snow White is canceled, we have to look at the controversy surrounding the movie. First off, the seven diverse, non-short dwarfs sparked a ton of controversy online. In fact, people mocked Disney for completely changing the story of Snow White and making all the dwarfs, except one, normal-sized. This is a small step into progressivism by Disney and wasn’t received well.

Disney continues to make interesting casting choices
Live-action Snow White was canceled due to many controversies. Photo via TMZ

The other minor step was casting a non-white actress as Snow White. A line directly from the original Snow White is, “Lips red as the rose. Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow.” However, Disney is all about casting diversity over staying true to their original stories. In fact, we are seeing this here with Disney casting Jada Pinkett Smith as Rapunzel in the new live-action Tangled movie. They are even adapting the storyline because Smith is bald.

The other controversial part of this movie is that Rachel Zegler, who is cast to play Snow White, hates the movie. Zegler can’t go a week without insulting the original story of the movie she is getting paid millions to star in. In fact, she recently said, “The original cartoon came out in 1937 and very evidently so. There’s a big focus on her love story with the guy who literally stalks her. Weird, weird.” Could Disney pick someone worse to star in one of their movies? Probably not. Oh, wait, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Disney Snow White Live-Action Movie Canceled

Why is Disney canceling the new Snow White live-action movie? It’s clearly because of all of the controversy. Disney has two problems right now. First, they are financially struggling. Their movies continue to tank in the theaters. This is partially due to poor plots, bad songs, and a lack of novel stories. It’s also because Disney favors progressivism over quality films and their core consumers don’t like that. The people Disney is appealing to are not the people giving them money.

Rachel Zegler hates Snow White, the movie she's starring in
Rachel Zegler hates Snow White, the movie she’s starring in. Photo via Entertainment Tonight

The other issue is Disney keeps making decisions that their fans are mocking them for. These two issues go hand in hand. Disney sees their live-action movie remakes more as corrections to the original story. They use it as a platform to show their allegiance to being progressive and people aren’t having any of it. It’s because of this that they are canceling the new Snow White movie. Fans are tired of this.

While Disney will lose money on what was already produced, they are saving themselves from more embarrassment at the box office and even more money thrown at this movie. Clearly, Disney doesn’t want to do this, but the pushback is strong and they are starting to reconsider some of their decisions. Maybe they finally realized that spitting in the face of their consumer isn’t the best way to make money as a business.

What do you think of Disney canceling the live-action Snow White movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Shawn Rheaume
25 days ago

Finally, Disney has officially canceled the Snow White, live action, film, permanently, and forever. I’m going to be so proud of them for canceling this garbage.

12 days ago

Disney is rapidly reaching the Bud Light point. That point where it’s irrecoverable. Disney made its name and reputation by providing clean, moral, children’s entertainment. Parents grew to trust that if it said “Disney”, they could take their children to see that movie and not worry about the content. Disney has lost that trust. Worse, they’ve actually changed it to distrust. Parents now know that anything Disney puts out is going to be “woke”. They don’t even look at the content now, they just assume it will be progressive garbage….and usually they’re right. Disney is killing the goose that laid the golden egg and I don’t think they’ll be able to get it back.