Dog-Friendly Disney Rides Currently Being Tested

Dog-friendly Disney rides may be coming soon

The worst part about going to Disney for many people is leaving their dogs at home. This is especially true as the current generation sadly is replacing kids with dogs. Luckily, those who have dogs may be able to soon bring them on Disney rides. This is because Disney is currently testing new dog-friendly rides made for both people and dogs.

Dog-friendly Disney rides may be coming soon
Dog-friendly Disney rides may be coming soon. Credit: Left – @helperdognala Right- Boogie the Pug

We are already seeing Disney test various new approaches to their theme park experience. For example, the one-child policy, which we reported on here. They also announced Throwback Thursdays, which has significant discounts for your day at Disney. These are all done in an effort to generate more revenue and get more guests in their parks. In fact, Disney dog-friendly rides do just that. People love their dogs and will spend top dollar to ride attractions with them at Disney World.

Can I Bring My Dogs to Disney World?

The answer to this question is murky at best. Service dogs are allowed in Disney World. Of course, that requires all of the necessary paperwork and proof that your service dog is legitimate, not just you miss your dog, so you try and sneak it in. For example, we saw a woman sue Disney for not being allowed to bring her “service ferret” into the parks. It’s as silly as it sounds.

Currently only service dogs are allowed at Disney, but that may change
Currently, only service dogs are allowed at Disney, but that may soon change

The reason the answer to bringing your dog into Disney World is murky is because of the Dog Days that were supposed to come to Disney World. We reported on that here and it almost broke the internet. People were stoked that they could bring their dogs to Disney World. However, the event never occurred. There are many reasons an event like this would be canceled. At the moment, it’s not clear why it was canceled.

It’s worth noting that at Dog Days, dogs were going to be allowed on a variety of rides at Disney World, however, it was limited. This is due to the nature of the rides and the safety of the dogs. For example, the Tower of Terror is not made for dogs. This is due to the safety restraints. They are built for humans, not dogs, for obvious reasons. However, that may all be changing with the announcement that Disney is working on rides for both dogs and people.

Disney Rides Made for Dogs Coming Soon?

Currently, Disney is testing a variety of rides that both dogs and humans can ride. The level of intensity varies from slow rides with projection screens to roller coaster rides like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. We don’t expect a ride as intense as Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster would be built with dog seats as that ride is unsafe for dogs. Plus, PETA would likely be all over Disney for “animal abuse” if dogs were allowed on that ride.

Dog seats may be coming to Disney rides soon
Dog seats may be coming to Disney rides soon. Photo via @ra_denton Pinterest

According to an internal source, the rides made for dogs would essentially be adaptable to humans and dogs. This is similar to how Tron Lightcycle has special seating for those who can’t sit in the motorcycle-style seat. The rides would have special rows with adjustable seating that can accommodate both dogs and humans, at the back of the vehicle. It’s also worth noting that Disney is looking to make new rides dog-friendly as well as existing rides in their parks.

The sort of good news is, for those with dog allergies, the dog seats would be at the back of the car. This way those people can just avoid that row and the fur will not fly into their faces as they ride. There is no expected date for the first dog-friendly Disney ride as it’s only currently in the early stages of testing. It’s possible it never happens. Either way, the first step would be Disney allowing dogs in their parks, if that will ever happen.

What do you think of dog-friendly rides at Disney World? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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