Exclusive Interview: Walt Disney’s Frozen Head Confirmed

Walt Disney Frozen Head to be revealed at D23

Walt Disney was truly an American icon. The amount of value that this one man created is off the charts. He laid the groundwork for one of the largest companies in the world and it’s all thanks to his hard work and creative mind. People that special don’t come around that often, which is why when he died, his head was “allegedly” cryogenically frozen to bring him to life. We can officially confirm through an exclusive interview that Walt Disney’s head is in fact frozen.

Source confirms that Walt Disney's head is frozen
A source confirms that Walt Disney’s head is frozen. Photo via The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head

Here at Mouse Trap News, we secured an interview with an Alpha-1 Disney security guard. You can watch the interview here. However, given the nature of the video, we had to disguise his voice and hide his identity. Finding someone at this level in the Walt Disney Company with this knowledge was a dangerous task, but we were able to land one of the most groundbreaking interviews of the year.

Groundbreaking Walt Disney Frozen Head Interview

As we noted, our source in this video is a former Alpha-1 security guard for Disney. This is the highest level of security for the company. Prior to our interview, very few people knew about this position due to its secrecy. In fact, they mentioned that “It’s comparable to the Presidential secret service” and said, “Disney actually removed my fingerprints after hiring me.” Clearly, this role comes with high stakes. Our source had some of the highest levels of access inside Disney.

Exclusive interview with Disney Alpha-1 security guard
Exclusive interview with Disney Alpha-1 security guard

This anonymous source went on to say “Part of my job was to protect and guard Walt Disney’s frozen head. So this “myth” is actually very real, and I’m only one of a handful of people who have seen it in the world.” This information stopped us dead in our tracks. There was always speculation that Walt’s head was frozen, but such a high-level source never confirmed it. In fact, we even reported here that Walt’s head would be revealed at D23. This information came from an insider, but it turned out to not be true, but we will get to why shortly.

As the interview continued, we learned a few fascinating facts about Walt Disney’s frozen head. First off, our source mentioned that it isn’t “as glamorous as it’s made out to be.” He then said, “It’s actually pretty disturbing.” This doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but we all have an idea of what the frozen head looks like and it’s not what we think it is. The other interesting bit is he debunked where the head is located. Apparently, Walt’s head is in an offsite building near Disney World and isn’t buried under Disney World or Disneyland.

When Will Walt Disney be Revived?

As we mentioned above, Walt was supposed to be revived for D23. He would then return as CEO in 2024 as we reported here. However, we just learned Bob Iger will be the CEO until at least 2026. This makes sense based on our interview. Our source mentioned that Disney has successfully brought rats and mice back to life. However, they are struggling with humans.

Walt Disney will likely return as Disney CEO once he is brought back to life
Walt Disney will likely return as Disney CEO once he is brought back to life

Disney has tried bringing people back to life using cryogenics but has not been successful yet. Our source disclosed that they will not attempt to bring Walt Disney back to life until they are successful with other dead humans. This is to ensure they don’t mess up with Walt and lose the opportunity to bring him back to life.

There is no set timeline to bring Walt Disney back to life. They are getting close, but apparently not ready. However, our source mentioned that “we are on the edge of some highly advanced technology to bring people back to life.” Not only will we get the creativity of Walt back, but we will have access to technology to bring our dead relatives and friends back too.

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