Haunted Mansion Rethemed to New Ghostbusters Ride

Ghostbusters ride is replacing Haunted Mansion at Disney World

Disney World is full of classic theme park rides. However, these rides often become stale as years pass. Parkgoers are looking for new and fresh rides, not old and worn-out attractions. Disney needs to keep their theme parks up to date in order to appeal to the newest generation of consumers. This is why Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom is being rethemed to Ghostbusters Mansion Mania.

Ghostbusters Mansion Mania ride is replacing the Haunted Mansion at Disney World
Ghostbusters Mansion Mania ride is replacing the Haunted Mansion at Disney World. Mansion photo via Disney

We have seen Disney announce changes to many of their classic attractions recently. For example, they’re destroying Splash Mountain, a ride everyone loves. Also, it’s a small world is becoming a walk-through attraction. Another retheme is the Seas pavilion to an awesome new Moana ride. Needless to say, nothing is off the table for Disney to destroy and replace, including Haunted Mansion.

Haunted Mansion Closing for Retheme

Haunted Mansion continues to be in Disney news for a variety of reasons. Originally, we reported here on the Coco overlay coming to the ride. However, we were then informed that the ride may be closing permanently, which canceled the Coco overlay. It was a surprise to us that the Haunted Mansion would be closing, however, the movie was a failure, which is partially why it was set to close. Well, now we know that the Haunted Mansion isn’t closing permanently, but rather for a Ghostbusters retheme. 

New Disney World Ghostbusters ride concept art
New Disney World Ghostbusters ride concept art. Photo via Heide Park

As you might imagine, as soon as the news broke that Haunted Mansion is closing for a Ghostbusters retheme, the internet went wild. No ride has more of a devoted audience than Haunted Mansion. It’s not clear why the Haunted Mansion has such a cult following, but it does. In fact, if you ask anyone what Disney ride has the most devout fans, 98% of people will tell you it’s the Haunted Mansion.

The reason Disney is closing the Haunted Mansion and retheming it comes down to the poor movie performance and the ride becoming stale. People know it’s outdated and needs an uplift. Disney chose Ghostbusters for the retheme because it’s one of the most popular franchises. It appeals to both adults and kids, making it a strong contender for the Magic Kingdom.

Ghostbusters Replacing Haunted Mansion

The first question everyone asks is does Disney own Ghostbusters? No, they do not. However, they will be licensing the rights of the franchise in order to add a Ghostbusters ride to Disney World. In fact, this is very similar to the agreement Disney made to film Sharknado 7 in their parks and the new Purge movie. This is a great way to put a popular franchise in the Disney theme parks, without buying the entire property.

New interactive shooting ride coming to Magic Kingdom, replacing Haunted Mansion
New interactive shooting ride coming to Magic Kingdom, replacing Haunted Mansion

But what about the ride itself? We learned that the new Ghostbusters ride will be named Ghostbusters Mansion Mania. It will follow the same tracks as the Haunted Mansion Doombuggies do now. However, Disney will add blasters to Doombuggies, much like Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. This is because it will be an interactive shooting game much like Space Ranger Spin or Toy Story Mania. Guests will load into their car, hunt the ghosts, and protect the mansion that is haunted.

Many of the existing Haunted Mansion ghosts will remain in the ride, except Disney will add targets to them that guests can shoot lasers at. They will score points based on targets hit, with the goal of getting the highest score. Of course, the ride will also feature the Ghostbusters theme song in the background as well as ghosts from the movie. At the end of the ride, the Ghostbusters will congratulate or criticize you based on your score, adding to the personalization.

What do you think of the new Ghostbusters ride replacing Haunted Mansion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Joe Shmo
8 months ago

The bs in this article is more outrageous than the price of a coke in Disney

Scott Andrews
Scott Andrews
8 months ago

Is this artcle for real, or is it a joke???