Disney Jeopardy! Filming This Fall

Disney Jeopardy! Filming This Fall

Wheel of Fortune has filmed multiple Disney episodes in the past. The puzzles in these episodes are about Disney and the backgrounds and props all relate to Disney as well. Wheel of Fortune has even filmed episodes at Disney World inside EPCOT. Now Jeopardy! Is getting their own Disney version of the show.

This fall, Jeopardy will be filming in EPCOT. This will be very similar to when Wheel of Fortune filmed there. They filmed the Wheel of Fortune episodes at night and in many of the shots you can clearly see Spaceship Earth. Jeopardy! Will be set up the same way and will be filmed in a similar spot.

Disney Jeopardy will be filmed at Disney World EPCOT
Wheel of Fortune filming at Disney World. Photo via attractionsmagazine.com

The questions in Disney Jeopardy! will have a focus on Disney Parks and Disney/Pixar movies. They will not ask questions about ABC, ESPN, National Geographic, Star Wars, Marvel, and the other properties that The Walt Disney Company owns. The goal of the episodes is to stick to core Disney and promote their theme parks. If you know a lot of Disney Trivia and want to test your Disney knowledge, this is the show for you.

Some of the categories we know of so far are: The Man Behind the Mouse, FastPass, Rides of the Resistance, Mousellaneous, Rope Drop, It’s a Mouse-ful, My Disney Experience, and many more. Here is a sample question “This ride is the home to 999 happy haunts, with room for a thousand.” If you can answer that question, you may do well on Disney Jeopardy!

Disney installs jeopardy stage for disney jeopardy filming in disney world
Jeopary Stage Installed at EPCOT for Disney Jeopardy!

This partnership between Disney and Jeopardy is a great tie in. Disney will be use this to promote their theme parks and Jeopardy will capture the attention of many Disney fans. The Disney Jeopardy! episodes will air in 2023 as part of the Disney 100th Anniversary celebrations.

The winner of each show will get a free trip to a Disney theme park of their choosing. It will be a 7 night stay at a Disney resort with park tickets and the park hopper add on as well as Photopass included to capture all of their memories.

We do not yet know the dates of filming nor do we have a link to apply. We will update you with that information when we have it. If this was the daily double, you could bet all of your money that we will be applying when it opens up.

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