Toy Story 5 Plot Exclusive Leak – Saddest Movie Yet

Toy Story 5 will be sad

As the old saying goes, don’t fix what isn’t broken. Disney sure takes this to heart, however, it usually backfires. For example, canceling the live-action remake of Snow White, which we reported on here. Also, casting Jada Pinkett Smith to play Rapunzel in the Tangled live-action movie. When it comes to making live-action movies, they are struggling. However, Animation is a different story. We just got an exclusive leak of the plot for Toy Story 5, however, Disney may have broken what was working.

Plot leaked for Toy Story 5. It's the saddest Toy Story yet. Photo via Disney/Pixar
The plot was leaked for Toy Story 5. It’s the saddest Toy Story yet. Photo via Disney/Pixar

Disney and Pixar animated movies have a stronger track record when it comes to not blowing it. However, they rely more heavily on sequels and prequels rather than subpar remakes. For example, Frozen 2 is the highest-grossing Disney movie. Also, Toy Story 3 and 4 rank at spots 5 and 6 respectively. Disney knows fans love these movies and will continue to see sequels, which is why they announced Toy Story 5. Here at Mouse Trap News, we were able to get an exclusive leak of the plot and it’s sad.

Toy Story 5 Will Make You Cry

When we heard that Toy Story 5 was coming out, we reached out to an internal source to give us an idea of the plotline for the newest Disney/Pixar movie. Many people say that Toy Story 3 was a sad movie. Then they watched Toy Story 4 and it was even sadder. Disney loves to pull at your heartstrings with the Toy Story movies. They are doing just that with Toy Story 5. In fact, our source confirmed this will be the saddest Toy Story movie to date and guarantees most people will leave the theater crying.

Andy diagnosed with cancer in Toy Story 5, making for a sad movie
Andy is diagnosed with cancer in Toy Story 5, making for a sad movie. Photo via Disney/Pixar

The setting of the movie takes place when Bonnie is too old to play with her toys. They are put in boxes and in storage. While in storage, the toys come across an online video of their former owner, Andy. Andy is vlogging his journey battling stage 4 cancer. The toys realize that they need to band together as a group again and find Andy. The only problem is they don’t know where Andy is. Woody joins up with Andy’s toys, Buzz, Jessie, the Green Aliens, Potato Head, Slinky, and more to find Andy.

Andy’s toys go on a journey to locate him. They come across many challenges along the way as they try to reunite with their dying owner. In fact, at one point in the film, Woody and Buzz get separated from the rest of the group. This throws a wrench into things as the toys now need to reunite with each other again so they can resume their journey to find Andy before he passes away.

The Saddest Ending of a Toy Story Movie Ever

If you don’t want to cry, now is the time to look away. Our source confirms that the Toys find Andy. They learn Andy’s wife is pregnant with their first child. However, Andy will never get to meet his baby boy due to his cancer. When the toys find Andy, he only has a few hours left to live. The entire group of toys join him in the hospital room for one last moment together. Andy tells his wife all about each of his toys and asks her to introduce them to their baby boy when he is born.

Andy dies in Toy Story 5, making it the saddest Disney movie ever made
Andy dies in Toy Story 5, making it the saddest Disney movie ever made. Photo via Disney/Pixar

Moments after this, Andy passes away, with all of his toys in his arms. He dies a peaceful death with all of his loved ones around him as well as his favorite toys from his childhood. At the funeral, his wife buries Woody with Andy. She sets aside the rest of the toys for when their baby boy is born, so he can grow up playing with his Dad’s old toys.

This split up of Woody from the rest of the toys is another sad breakup of the toys. However, they know it’s for the best. When Andy’s son is born, they name him Andy Jr. At the end you see Andy Jr. growing up and playing with his Dad’s old toys, except Woody. Here, you learn that Andy recorded a custom message on Buzz Lightyear that plays when he hits the button. These are the last words Andy ever spoke, telling his son how much he loves him.

What do you think of the exclusive leak of this Toy Story 5 plot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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6 months ago

This is so sad :(. We need a damage trailer for this. Don’t think will be getting an official one any time soon from Disney.

4 months ago

I’m almost in tears now I don’t know how I will not cry in the theaters

How could Disney do that

Tame Impala
3 months ago


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1 month ago

I dont Think im gonna watch the movie