McDonald’s Grimace Experience Coming to Disney World

The Grimace shake is coming to Disney World as part of the new Grimace Experience

Grimace is currently one of the most talked about characters in the world. He is trending on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Google. This is all because of the new Grimace Shake that just came out. Grimace is finally taking over as the newest internet meme, replacing the Whopper Commercial. Disney sees this as a huge opportunity, which is why the new McDonald’s Grimace Experience at Disney World was just announced. 

The Grimace shake is coming to Disney World as part of the new Grimace Experience
The Grimace Shake is coming to Disney World as part of the new Grimace Experience

Disney World and McDonald’s have a bit of a history. If you want to read all about it, we suggest checking out Theme Park Tourist here for more of the story. However, we will focus on the theme park aspect. There were various McDonald’s at Disney World from 1997 through 2010. Most of the locations had limited menus. But there was a synergy between the two massive corporations for a long time before that. Now, there is a new synergy between Disney and McDonald’s to unveil the Grimace Experience.

The Rise of The Grimace Shake

The Grimace Shake is a limited-edition shake at McDonald’s. In fact, according to McDonald’s the shake is “inspired by Grimace’s iconic color and sweetness.” The shake was made to celebrate Grimace’s Birthday. However, social media grabbed the Grimace Shake by the horns and started making jokes about it. Now, Grimace is all over social media on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Check out the article from Forbes, which highlights some of the wild videos people have created around Grimace.

Grimace taking over social media with Grime scenes
Grimace taking over social media with Grime scenes. @ruiz_alv04 via TikTok / @guaquamolininjabenis via TikTok

This is very reminiscent of the Burger King Whopper commercials. Days after the commercial started airing, social media was all over it, making jokes about the Burger King commercials. McDonald’s has taken over the spotlight for the time being, likely unintentionally. However, if we’ve learned anything, all publicity is good publicity. For example, Disney filing a patent for a roller coaster that jumps the track, got a ton of publicity, even if the idea for a roller coaster like that is insane.

Well, Disney and McDonald’s have found the perfect partnership to push Grimace even more, while he is popular. This is smart by Disney to take advantage of a trend. It also benefits McDonald’s because it will increase the loyalty to Grimace, with what Disney has planned. It’s a lot like how both Waffle House and Disney benefit from the Waffle House taking over Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom.

What is the Grimace Experience?

The Grimace Experience at Disney World is a way for guests to more intimately celebrate Grimace’s Birthday, at the Happiest Place on Earth. First off, various restaurants around Disney World will now serve the famous Grimace Shake. It will be primarily at quick service restaurants, however, there will be a few sit-down restaurants that serve the shake as well. Disney just needs to be aware of the horror videos that may be shot on their rides by those who consume a Grimace shake at Disney.

Grimace meet and greet coming to Disney World
Grimace meet and greet coming to Disney World

The other element of the Grimace Experience is a meet and greet. Guests can take a picture with Grimace as well as get his autograph. This meet and greet with Grimace will only take place in the Magic Kingdom in Town Square Theater. Of course, that is the site of the former Bob Chapek meet and greet, which we reported on here. Also, Grimace will wear a Disney Birthday button to show he is celebrating his Birthday.

This new Grimace Experience at Disney World has guests and McDonald’s fans excited. It’s “a way to continue to embrace the purple monster in a more fun and intimate way.” In fact, many people are hoping this is just the beginning of a new partnership between Disney and McDonald’s and that they will bring McDonald’s back into the Disney Parks. However, at this moment, the current agreement is only to celebrate Grimace’s Birthday for a limited time.

What do you think of McDonald’s bringing the Grimace Experience to Disney World? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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