Disney World Bans Shorts and Skirts in Parks

Shorts and skirts now banned at Disney World
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Disney World tends to have a fairly relaxed dress code. In fact, many outfits are allowed inside Disney. However, there is always a risk of being “dress coded”. This is where Disney deems your outfit inappropriate for the parks and requires you to put on something else. Well, the Disney dress code just got stricter with Disney banning shorts and skirts inside their parks.

Shorts and skirts now banned at Disney World
Shorts and skirts now banned at Disney World

According to Disney’s website, “Disney reserves the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that is considered inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests.” This is how people get “dress coded” for wearing what is considered inappropriate. Now, Disney is buckling down with their dress code. The decision to ban shorts and skirts is nothing but controversial.

Why is Disney World Banning Shorts and Skirts?

Disney is banning shorts and skirts to resolve many of their dress coding issues. Oftentimes, both men and women are seen wearing shorts and skirts that are too short according to Disney. This forces Disney to “dress code” far more people than they like. This is an issue for Disney because when they force someone to change their outfit, it actually costs Disney.

Updated Disney dress code that bans shorts and skirts
Updated Disney dress code that bans shorts and skirts

That’s right, if Disney deems your outfit inappropriate, instead of sending you home, they provide you with clothes that comply with their dress code. Essentially, it’s a way to get free Disney clothes. Now, we don’t recommend you try this out. Disney has the right to kick you out of the park and may ban you for not complying with their dress code. This is what they should do every time.

So ultimately, Disney is banning all shorts and skirts to reduce the amount of free clothes they give out to guests dressed inappropriately. You may be asking, what about tops? Yes, those do cause a problem at Disney World from a dress code standpoint, however not as much as shorts and skirts do. But, according to an internal source, Disney is closely monitoring issues with tops. They may soon change their dress code for shirts as well. However, this shorts and skirt dress code change causes some issues.

No Shorts or Skirts at Disney Complications

Disney World is hot year-round. Okay, the winter months like January and December aren’t that bad. The average temperature is only in the 70-degree range. However, during the summer months, the average temperature at Disney World is in the 90s. See the problem? Walking around Disney World all day during the summer is hot, which is why most guests wear shorts and t-shirts or tank tops. However, that will soon be a problem, despite the Disney dome they are building and the outdoor air conditioning, which may help mitigate the issue slightly.

Disney Outdoor Air Conditioning
Disney outdoor air conditioning will help mitigate the shorts and skirt ban

Guests will no longer have the luxury of wearing shorts inside Disney World in the hot summer months. Yeah, guests can drink the ride water as we reported here, however, that only goes so far. Not being able to wear shorts inside Disney World is a huge drag and makes going there far less tolerable. We recognize that some cast members are required to wear pants all year long, however, that shouldn’t be the case either.

This is truly a hit to the guest experience at Disney World. Thought it may not be as bad as bugs replacing french fries as a side at Disney restaurants as reported here. Also, allowing smoking on rides isn’t great either for most guests. Either way, banning shorts and skirts inside Disney World is not ideal for summer months and we expect some backlash. It feels like there could be other ways to solve the dress code issue.

What do you think of Disney World banning shorts and skirts inside their parks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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